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Real Life with Cornelius Lindsey

Feb 22, 2018

Are you in a battle with Shame and Guilt ?

Are you being robbed of our confidence as a result of feeling humiliated?

Have you given up your position of authority as a result of guilt?

Listen as Cornelius tackles the issue of shame and guilt which robs us of our confidence, responsibility, and our rightful position....

Sep 11, 2017

Listen as Cornelius and Heather answer questions from men. This Q&A session was held at 2017 The Man Cave Conference.

Aug 18, 2017

Listen as Cornelius teaches a very encouraging, insightful, and funny message on dating. If marriage is the goal, then how are you currently preparing for it? In a world where we focus on meeting the right one, Cornelius turns the tables and asks the question, "Are you the right one?"

Aug 12, 2017

What happens after you've survived a devastating event in your life? You were able to survive through many life-altering events, but what happens after fatigue has set in? You were able to make it through some tough moments, but now you are intimidated by what you were called to walk on. Have the struggles and trials of...

Aug 4, 2017

Are you nervous about your faith? Are you struggling to express your passion for God? Are you fearful of what others may say about you if you truly come alive? 

Listen as Cornelius encourages you to live boldly!

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