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Real Life with Cornelius Lindsey

Jul 6, 2018

No matter your position in life - pastor, lawyer, doctor, politician, reality star or athlete, everyone has a kryptonite. This kryptonite often exposes our inadequacies.

As leaders, the burden of our inadequacies has the potential of convincing us to forfeit our calling.

However, there's still some fight left within...

Jun 20, 2018

Listen as Cornelius shares the story about an enslaved woman in the Bible who was able to give a word to a successful warrior. That one suggestion started a journey that ended with a godless journey experiencing the Almighty God!

This message is for anyone who has felt overlooked or invisible. It's important for you to...

Jun 13, 2018

Listen as Cornelius talks about the importance of stepping out on faith to find what you cannot see. He teaches the importance of taking a step of faith instead of sitting back waiting for something to happen.

If you have felt stuck in your life or felt like you don't know how to reach the set place of purpose that's...

Feb 22, 2018

Are you in a battle with Shame and Guilt ?

Are you being robbed of our confidence as a result of feeling humiliated?

Have you given up your position of authority as a result of guilt?

Listen as Cornelius tackles the issue of shame and guilt which robs us of our confidence, responsibility, and our rightful position....

Sep 11, 2017

Listen as Cornelius and Heather answer questions from men. This Q&A session was held at 2017 The Man Cave Conference.